Prep up with £100 in your pocket to explore Nottingham

If you ever want to study abroad and also immerse yourself in a country, it has to be a blended mix of culture and people. I did my masters from Nottingham Trent University, The United Kingdom. A city full of surprises, Nottingham – Robin Hood’s homeland, is certainly a capital for learning, but the Sheriff’s city also has some of the great fairs and locations that you cannot miss. Here’s a list to must see within your budget!

Goose Fair 

Memorable Moment 
In the first week of October, Nottingham’s Goose Fair will thrill the mood. Goose Fair is Europe’s famous travelling funfair that is held every year. Held at a huge open forest ground, it is overwhelming to see the amount of people it could accommodate. More than 100 attractions, the fair consists roller-coasters, giant wheels, rides and games all available for thrill seekers to city residents. This annual fair is truly worth it!

It’s a good idea to visit the fair early in the evening around 6.30pm to avoid the crowd. Cycling is not recommended on the forest ground. Don’t forget to treat yourself to the fair’s popular mushy peas.

Ride price range: £2 – £ 6

Christmas Market

Memorable Moment 
December is usually the relaxed month for students. Christmas is around the corner and it’s time for a feast of festive fun, so make your way to Nottingham’s Christmas Market at the Old Square. The luxury Christmas market features more than 30 customized trading and Victorian styled cabins with an array of quality gifts from local traders and craftspeople and mouth-watering treats, winter bars and lots of authentic Christmas trees which are better than ever before.

For meat lovers, don’t miss the authentic venison burger that is served on the occasion of Christmas.

Price range at the market: £5- £ 20

Nottingham Castle

Memorable Moment 
When summers kick in, what do you think of doing? A walk in the garden or hit the beach? Well, try the Nottingham Castle. If you’re a historic person and love the medieval architectural styles of art, this is the right place to be. The castle is as old as built in the 17th century and will simply blow your mind! Explore the castle, art gallery, caves and enjoy a sip of beer served at the oldest pub ‘olde trip to Jerusalem’ in Nottingham. The ticket covers both the castle and the museum of Nottingham Life.

The Castle is best visited during the weekends. Carry your camera for candid shots.

Entry price: £2, Pub: £3- £20

If my tiny write up about Notts has intrigued you enough, I’m waiting to hear yours!

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